The Person And Passion of Christ


 Mark 1:1 – “The beginning of the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” 

The Gospel of Mark is about the actions of Jesus. The words, “The beginning” convey this. The word “beginning,” is translated from the Greek term ARCHE (Strong’s #746 ar-khay´) which means, “a commencement, . . . beginning, . . .”[1] This Greek term is a derivative of another root word ARCHOMAI (Strong’s #756 - ar´-khom-ahee) which means, “to commence . . .  begin (-ning).” [2] This is an action word and this is important because the gospel of Mark emphasizes the actions of Jesus. For instance, Mark records 18 miracles of Jesus, but he only records 4 of His parables. You see, the gospel as “beginning,” is ongoing, it does not stop going out and impacting people. The gospel did not end with the close or stop in the first century, but truly it has had an ongoing continuous impact on the world like no other truth in history, and that is true even up to the present. The gospel will go on and on powerfully until the return of Jesus (e.g. Romans 1:16-17; Titus 2:11-15; Revelation 19-20).

[1], [2] James Strong, New Strong’s dictionary of Hebrew and Greek words, electronic ed., Logos Library System, (Nashville: Thomas Nelson) 1997, c1996.


1Mark 1:1Pronouncement of Christ 
2Mark 1:2-13Preparation of Christ 
3Mark 1:14-45 Person of Christ - Part 1 
4Mark 2:1-28Person of Christ - Part 2 
5Mark 3:1-35Person of Christ - Part 3 
6Mark 4:1-41Person of Christ - Part 4 
Mark 5:1-43Person of Christ - Part 5 
8Mark 6:1-56Person of Christ - Part 6 
Mark 7:1-8:8Person of Christ - Part 7 
10 Mark 8:9-38Person of Christ - Part 8 
11Mark 9:1-50Passion of Christ - Part 1 
12Mark 10:1-52Passion of Christ - Part 2 
13Mark 11:1-32Passion of Christ - Part 3 
14Mark 12:1-44Passion of Christ - Part 4 
15Mark 13:1-37Passion of Christ - Part 5 
16Mark 14:1-72Passion of Christ - Part 6 
17Mark 15:1-47Passion of Christ - Part 7 
18Mark 16:1-20Passion of Christ - Part 8