Ready and Unashamed

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We live in a world where Christianity is being challenged on every front. Islam, cults, the world philosophy of tolerance, religion, apostate Christianity, personal opinion mongers, and a host of other entities are bringing an assault on God’s revealed Biblical Christianity. This is not something that we should be surprised about. But what should we do, how should we respond?

The epistle to the Romans is considered the Mount Everest of the Bible because of its doctrinal and practical material. Read what others have said:

  • Martin Luther referred to Romans as "The masterpiece of the New Testament."
  • F.F. Bruce said of Romans, "Time and again in the course of Christian history it has liberated the minds of men, brought them back to an understanding of the essential gospel of Christ, and started spiritual revolutions."
  • Frederick Louis Godet, Bible scholar said of Romans, "The probability is that every great spiritual revival in the church will be connected as effect and cause with a deeper understanding of this book."
  • John Calvin, church reformer said of Romans, "When anyone gains a knowledge of this Epistle he has an entrance opened to him to all the most hidden treasures of Scriptures."

When the apostle Paul was inspired to write this epistle to the Romans there were two things he mentioned in his opening lines that hold particular value and importance for those of us God has sovereignly chosen to live in these days. Paul said he was READY with a passion to preach the gospel and that he was UNASHAMED of the gospel of Christ. Being READY AND UNASHAMED are two things today’s Christian needs to answer God’s call to contend earnestly for the faith delivered to us. Paul’s epistle to the Romans is the tool God wants to use to make you ready and unashamed to respond to those who question God’s grace and salvation plan. Therefore, we invite you to join us in our study of this great book. You can expect to be spiritually refreshed, renewed, empowered and edified as we study this great Mount Everest of God’s word. May God prepare us for His use by His Spirit as we study His word.

The Shameful Sinful State of Humankind